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Aero Controls, Inc. provides services for the complete management and administration of all of your component repair order needs. The quality we place and provide on this vital service has been developed through years of servicing major clients. We are prepared to negotiate an agreement that will add significant value to your organization.

Some of our strengths... Our staff is trained under our ISO 9000 procedures and has the technical and administrative depth you would expect from an organization that has been in the business of providing component repair and services under our FAA certificate for over 20 years.
Our volume leverage and discount with our supplier base offers pricing advantages that we are able to pass along to our clients.
Improved lead time as a result of our order tracking program systematically queues our staff to follow our orders and their progress to make sure commitment dates are met. We routinely negotiate and expedite AOG requirements and offer exchanges from our inventory to cover this need.
The breadth of our client and product base gives the technical and sourcing expertise to manage the broad range of your repair needs.
In the administration of warranties we receive significant consideration for our volume of third party re-works to bring the desired results in a timely manner on behalf of our clients. Our computer systems, imaging tools and processes make sure that all of the required information for your parts are available immediately for these purposes. All of our pertinent documents are scanned and stored for ease of retrieval.
Your open order management access is provided by a special remote patch into our computer system which is always available and enables you to see exactly where your order is in the process.
Our proprietary programs include metrics that measure performance and our compliance with the services we agreed to. We can tailor our measurements to comply with your reporting needs.
We consolidate your repair services invoices in one billing provided at specified intervals.
Streamlined processes and the computer tools to keep your order under controlled surveillance for the purpose of complying with pricing and delivery requirements.


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